Volunteer: Ways to Advocate for Human Rights

Just recently, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the baker from Colorado who said no to baking a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage, due to his religious objection. This ongoing problem which people of color or of different sexuality are facing doesn’t look like it can be fully resolved any time soon.

The overall gravity of these issues is overwhelming, so we as individuals need to take a stand for these rights if we all want to work together to reach to a point when issues like these are no longer pertinent to our society.

Here are some of the ways you personally can advocate for sexual rights which are human rights:

Believe in the good in people

Don’t immediately assume that somebody is evil or that the world as a whole is evil if you hear offensive or hurtful words or hear about offensive behavior and acts. Think about it more as a lack of being informed rather than somebody just being hurtful to make you feel unsafe.

Take steps to inform as many people as possible about sexual rights by sharing articles and other information or your views on social media or on a personal level with as many of them as possible.

Keep yourself informed

In order to keep others informed, you first need to keep yourself informed about the issues. Take the time to do some research about human rights, follow human right organizations on social media and keep up with the news related to the issues, so that you are always well-informed, and so that you can successfully pass on the information to others.

Speak up

Let your local representative know about the issues and problems which the local LGBTQ community is facing. Let them know how you feel about the legislation which affects these people, and give your own suggestions about how the situation can be improved.

Get together with other activists

By sticking together with other people who are active supporters of equal sexual and human rights you will become stronger. Join a local activist organization and become part of your local support network. Together you and your allies will be much stronger, and all of your efforts will be much more productive!

Never forget that if you yourself do not do anything about issues which bother you, you are not helping the cause and you are not doing anything in order to ensure that our society becomes much more tolerant and understanding of the difficulties of the people from the LGBTQ community.

So, get ready to become more active now!

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