Whether you’re just replacing your current bike lift or are looking for a new one, the Kendon BLC107AH folding stand-up heavyweight motorcycle lift is a great option. https://www.google.com/maps?cid=17544213833887013492 features an air-over-hydraulic jack, an extruded aluminum housing, and a five-position height lock. It also comes with a multi-position adjustable folding wheel chock.
Cruiser Bike Lift

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned biker, a Kendon cruiser bike lift can make life easier. This type of bicycle lift is great for domestic and import motorcycles. It can fit bikes of up to 95 inches long. It has a 1,000 pound capacity, making it perfect for large cruiser-style bikes.

This type of bike lift uses a hydro-pneumatic lifting system, and can lift bikes of all types. It comes with a lifetime warranty. go to Mechanic Superstore and try for free can be installed in a basic room or in your garage.

A bike lift can be installed by a single person or with help from a friend. It can hold a variety of bikes, including commuter bikes with bags. You can also install it in an apartment or bedroom. You’ll need tie-downs and a cleat to attach the rope to your bike.

This type of bike lift uses patented technology. The system is designed to work on ceilings as high as twelve feet. The lift can hold a heavy bike, and it comes with a locking safety bar.
Folding Stand-Up Heavyweight Motorcycle Lift

Featuring a compact design, the Kendon Folding Stand-Up Heavyweight Motorcycle Lift is perfect for motorcycle maintenance and detailing. It can lift full-size bikes up to 1,000 pounds. It can also be operated manually or with an air compressor.

The lift’s design is perfect for both home and shop use. It takes up minimal space and can be easily stored when not in use. It also features four tie-down points for secure attachment.

Its fold-up design makes the lift easy to move, store, and transport. The lift can be set up upright for use in a store or exhibition center, or folded out of the way when not in use.

The lift’s hydraulic weight-lifting system provides smooth platform adjustment. The lift’s small jack allows you to easily access your wheels. It is also equipped with a pump for a reliable and safe lifting. It can lift the platform up to 32 inches. It is perfect for heavyweight street and cruise motorcycles.
Controlling the lowering speed

Unlike a conventional motorcycle lift, the Kendon motorcycle lift uses a proprietary patented technology that enables it to perform all the tasks of a professional motorcycle lift, with the added advantage of being portable, easy to operate, and able to lift up to one thousand pounds. The Lift also boasts a unique Suspension Reactive Loading (SRL) frame design, which eliminates the traditional apex created by a motorcycle trailer bed.

To get the most out of your lift, read the owner’s manual carefully and familiarize yourself with the parts. The Lift itself is 17 inches wide by 26 inches tall. This allows the lift to fold out of the way when not in use.

The Kendon Stand Up ™ Bike Lift has an internal Air-Over-Hydraulic cylinder that can be lowered and raised. During lowering, the Release Valve Assembly should be turned in small increments to control the speed of descent. The Lift also features a five-position height lock to help you reach your desired position.

Purchasing a Kendon motorcycle lift is an investment that is backed by a one-year factory warranty. This warranty applies to the axle, bearings, hubs, and seals. For an extended warranty, you can purchase the five-year factory warranty, which will extend the factory warranty for four additional years. This warranty must be purchased within 180 days of the original purchase date.

Kendon motorcycle lifts are lightweight and take up little space in your garage. They also feature a narrow platform design, which allows users to stand close to their bike without leaning over a wide lift deck. This allows users to get close to their bike and get personal with it.

Kendon also offers a full line of motorcycle trailers. They are available in one-rail, two-rail, and three-rail designs. They are ideal for almost any adventure. The trailer can fold up in your garage when not in use. They feature 13-inch alloy wheels. Depending on the application, the trailer’s capabilities may vary.

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