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We are dedicated to promoting and protecting international human rights in the United States and abroad

Countries with some shocking human right issues you need to know about

Although all countries have their problems with regard to human rights, there are some in particular where there are some unique and quite serious issues in this regard. Here are some of them:

Philippines and divorce

The Philippines is the only country in the world where divorce is not legalized.

Volunteer: Ways to Advocate for Human Rights

Just recently, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the baker from Colorado who said no to baking a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage, due to his religious objection. This ongoing problem which people of color or of different sexuality are facing doesn’t look like it can be fully resolved any time soon.

The overall gravity of these issues is overwhelming, so we as individuals need to take a stand for these rights if we all want to work together to reach to a point when issues like these are no longer pertinent to our society.

Some habits you would want to leave behind if you want to be successful in life

I’m 30 years old today. Not that it is very different from being 29, but being somewhat of a landmark, I feel like it is a perfect moment to reset things and give myself a fresh start!

Until now, I was focused on learning new and interesting skills, meeting great people and making new friends and also to dream about doing great things and becoming rich and independent adult. It doesn’t sound too bad, but along the line, I developed some nasty habits which have stopped me from achieving most of my goals from above.

Some of these habits include:

  • Running away from responsibility and from risk taking.
  • Quitting as soon as things got tedious, rather than pushing to complete the task and get the reward.
  • Trivializing the actual benefits of winning something as well as the negative consequences of all of these habits.
  • Taking my fast young metabolism for granted, and never being careful about what and how much I ate.
  • Leaving everything for the last minute after putting it off for weeks and months.
  • Preferring to talk and dream rather than actually act.
  • Relying on other people to get me out of the silly situations I got myself into.

Well, these habits sure sound depressing now that I have listed them. Looking at them, I am happy to say that I have recently realized that it’s not the past which determines what our future beholds, it is what we do in the present that does!

Now that I am 30, I can say that I have started turning things around and that I think I am getting on the right track. Here is what I can proudly say I have changed with my life and mindset recently:

  • My habits are improving (I’ve bought a sewing machine – just a simple and lightweight model for sewing classes so I am spending half an hour a day to improve my craft skills. I am dedicating 10 minutes beauty time just for me each and every day. I started preparing to run a 5k and I’ve quit smoking)
  • I have a well-defined and clear purpose as well as the right mindset
  • I have developed new methods, which are working and improving
  • I have managed to break the code

Last but not least, I am pretty sure that I have figured out the secret of getting from life what you want. I will not share this one with you just yet, but just because I want to save it as a surprise belated birthday gift from me to you!

For now, I will give you a slight hint – I am no innovator, there are many people who have come to this realization and are applying it to their lives. We all know such people from our history as well as from our society. These are the people who manage to be successful in anything they put their minds to.

There is information about this secret key to success in life everywhere around us. The problem is that we are not doing anything with it. I want to change all this, and help all the people who are good and capable and yet cannot be successful because of the bad habits they have adopted along the way.

I will be back soon with the information which could change your life.

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